We are NXG: New thinking for the next generation, forged from experience.

NXG’s success in the global BHA/drilling tools, tubulars, equipment and technology sector is led by a management team with 200+ years of oil & gas industry expertise.

We looked at outdated industry processes – ‘the way it’s always been done’ – and instead came up with a compelling commercial formula that underpins our fresh approach.

Our unique long-term model that reduces costs is changing the way drilling tools are offered for sale or rent. It’s new thinking for a new-look global oil & gas industry.

Next-generation solutions lead to next-generation benefits: smart logistics to save time and resources; intelligent solutions to project requirements; relationships with third-parties to solve issues, and in-house manufacturing and repair capability. It’s all part of the NXG suite of solutions.

In addition, our talented team with global project expertise, our transparent and client-centric approach, and our new technology offering provide added value to your projects. A modern and fresh outlook; it’s what the drilling tools sector has been needing for some time.

Meet The Team

Rod Coffey

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Stephen

Chief Operating Officer

Stuart Smith

Commercial Manager

Ian McCartney

Non-Executive Chairman