Hole Cleaning Heavy Weight

Our patented-design hole cleaning heavy weight is yet another NXG product forged by experience. Find out how our HCHW can deliver significant reductions in torque and drag.

A next-generation product that will give you an operational edge, it’s the result of painstaking research, design and development work by industry innovators. Our pioneering HCHW delivers significant reductions in torque and drag because of both its hole cleaning capabilities and reduced wall contact in the critical bottom hole assembly area.

Key Features

  • Hole cleaning via stirring up cuttings beds from the low side of the wellbore.
  • The wall contact and bladed area’s are protected by hardbanding. These applications ensure the product can be run in open hole and also due to the low friction properties of the hardbanding there will be minimal damage / wear to casing.
  • An ideal solution for ERD wells where torque build-up can restrict the high rotation required to aid hole cleaning.
  • Reduces the requirement for additional connections while benefitting from the hole cleaning technology, standard stand lengths are still maintained.
  • The HCHW can be placed in the BHA as a substitute to standard heavy weight. Aggressively priced to compete with standard heavy weight, therefore giving our customer all the benefits of heavy weight and hole cleaning at no additional financial cost.
  • NXG HCHW can also be offered as a drill pipe version which can be placed within the drill string to allow the HCDP to agitate the cuttings within the main flow area and by moving up the hole reduces any cuttings build up.

Specification ( all sizes in inches unless otherwise specified )

Tool Series NoNominal SizeInside DiameterTool Joint ODCentre Section Diameter