Hole Cleaning Sub

Our patented-design Hole Cleaning Sub is a perfect example of NXG’s ideas in action – to benefit your drilling operations.

A durable tool that is located between sections of drill pipe to redistribute cuttings that settle out of the mud on the low side of the wellbore, it comes into its own in highly deviated sections – in excess of 40°– where the build-up of cuttings beds is often most acute.

CFD analysis has already shown that its innovative design is capable of delivering a clear increase in cuttings removal, over longer periods, compared to a drill string without any mechanical aid.

Key Features

  • Our patented impeller/ spade design for maximum cuttings agitation.
  • Industry standard hard banding applications available to meet customers preferences.
  • Placement programme for optimum hole cleaning performance on request.

Specification ( all sizes in inches unless otherwise specified )

Tool Series NoTool Joint ODTool IDTool Length Sh-ShStandard Connection
NNXG-HC-40005-1/42-13/1655NC40 / 4 FH
NXG-HC-55007-1/43-1/4555-1/2 FH
NXG-HC-66258-1/24-1/4556-5/8 AFH