Tri Tornado Single Stage

Our Hole Opener boasts a series of features that underpins its performance:

The smooth transition on the body OD reduces the chances of debris build up and packing off. The spiral body blades and pilot blades encourage directional turbulent flow, removal of cuttings/debris and excellent hole cleaning.

This unique hole opener has offset positioned cutters to allow a more aggressive cutting effect and strategically placed upward facing nozzles to encourage flow and ensure the cutters stay free of debris. The nozzles are held in retainers and are not machined as part of the integral body, enabling easy replacement and preventing body damage from washing. Both 5 or 6 cutter designs available for maximum ROP performance.

Key Features

  • Smooth transition on body OD
  • Spiral skirt blades and pilot blades
  • 5 or 6 Offset Cutters designed for maximum performance
  • Unitized saddles
  • Reinforced hardfacing on vulnerable areas
  • Available in various sizes


Cost-effective to manufacture and therefore competitive hole opener to run

Cutters positioned in an offset manner ensuring a more aggressive cutting effect

The spiral blades above the cutters body reduce chances of cutting build up and packing off

Unitized saddles provide for easy replacement and can accommodate various cutter types

Spiral skirt blades encourage directional flow and removal of cuttings

Strategically placed upward nozzles encourage flow and ensure cutters stay free of debris

Spiral pilot blades promote turbulent flow and hole cleaning