Multi-Activation Circulating Subs

NXG Technologies’ Multi Activation Circulation Sub - it is a breakthrough technology.

Our Multi Activation Circulation Sub has been designed not only to overcome the most complex circulation challenges – but to do so with optimum efficiency and total reliability as part of your bottom hole assembly. It is breakthrough technology: one that eliminates unnecessary rig downtime breaking connections etc to save you time and money as well as a lesser HSE risk.

Key Features

  • An innovative internal mechanism allows flow ports in the outer body to be opened and closed from the surface by 2 methods, simply via the operation of the mud pump controls increases the SPP to operate the piston even when packed off conditions exist.
  • Upon activation, a shut-off mechanism closes the tool inner bore, allowing lost circulation material to be pumped out through the side ports. It means MWD and LWD equipment located below the tool are protected – at all times.
  • Our Multi Activation Circulation Sub bypasses the need to break the drill string as part of the process: no ‘ball’ or ‘dart’ devices required.
  • It can be activated (opened or closed) as many times as you require during an individual drilling operation.
  • Its activation/deactivation status – whether open or closed – can be instantly gauged on the drill floor. Even when the hole is packed off the pressure increase will open the ports if required, no flow pass through the tool required.

Specification ( all sizes in inches unless otherwise specified )

Tool Series NoTool ODTool LengthNo of NozzlesConnection Size & TypeMax Operating Temperature
NXG-CS-47504.751123*NC38 / 3-1/2 API IF125°c
NXG-CS-67506.751063*NC50 / 4 API IF125°c
NXG-CS-82508.251063*6-5/8 API Reg125°c
NXG-CS-95009.51063*7-5/8 API Reg125°c

* Largest flow area of any circ sub in the marketplace


Lost circulation / Hole enlargement applications / Coring applications / Well cleanout Wellhead cleanout / Horizontal and directional drilling / Surge protections