Drilling Reamers

Our Drilling Reamer is designed for ease of use and built to be durable.

Designed to complement the attributes of Roller Reamers and stabilization equipment, our Drilling Reamer has approx 70-80% less wall contact than standard stabilization equipment currently used within the drill string.

Key Features

  • Due to their domed geometry our Diamond Insert allows for increased reaming capability with gauge protection & stabilization properties. The inserts are strategically placed within the blade which assists with the removal of dog legs and ledges during drilling operations. The inclusion of our diamond technology within the drilling reamer dramatically reduces repair charges and increases the lifespan of the Drilling Reamer.
  • Can be placed at the top of the BHA to provide reaming and back reaming when pulling out of hole.
  • Using our unique brazing process thereare no temperature limitations during drilling operations.
  • The diamonds are fully impregnated which means they have greater wear resistance properties without limited lifespan of PDC inserts.
  • The drilling reamer has no moving parts.
  • NXG has a family of drilling reamers designed to tackle most issues such as Hi Dog-legs, swellable formations, ledges, reduce back reaming and can be designed to suit from 6” to 26” hole sizes.

Specification ( all sizes in inches unless otherwise specified )

Hole SizeTool Series NoMax Neck DiaID