Sealed Bearing Roller Reamers

Our Sealed Bearing Roller Reamer is designed for ease of use and built to be durable.

Serving to reduce torque, improve bit performance and extend the operational life of bottom hole assembly components, it boasts a series of attributes that place it at the cutting edge of its specialist arena.

Key Features

  • The cartridges are pressure equalised and the sealed design prevents ingress of drilling mud and cuttings whilst maintaining grease inside the cartridge – all serving to significantly extend bearing life.
  • The cartridge design and retention method’s capacity to extend bearing life, means more revolutions are possible before redress of the roller.
  • The cartridges are complemented by the utilisation of high temperature seals and grease.
  • The cartridge is a one-piece assembly meaning redress of the tool is simple and reliable.
  • The standard roller is bi-directional to allow back reaming at all times but others are available on request.
  • The NXG Technologies Roller Reamer is available in a range of gauge sizes.

Specification ( all sizes in inches unless otherwise specified )

Hole SizeTool Series NoFish Neck DiaMax Body DiaTotal Tool LengthMin IDFlow By Area (Sq inch)Gauge Length